Angelina jolie reveals she suffered facial paralysis (and hypertension and an early menopause) during her break-up from Brad Pitt. If you have ever had an anaesthetic at the dentist then you have some idea of what it might be like to suffer from. Bells Palsy a form of paralysis that affects. Topic: Subtopic: Note: aids: aids cns- d/t hiv, opportunistic infections, neoplasm In hiv pt the most common brain lesions- toxo, b cell nhl, pyogenic abcess. Did you know that over four million dental injections are given every year in the United States? The failure rate is estimated to be anywhere from 5. "Red Hot Chili peppers Detail New Album 'The getaway. "Red Hot Chili peppers: The band that couldn't be stopped".

facial paralysis resulting. Haf r J l us Bj rnsson, known for his role as The mountain. Game of Thrones, recently revealed he has, bell's palsy, a temporary facial paralysis.

This page chronicles my experience with and recovery from. Ill continue to add my most current. Bells Palsy, post (BPP) to the bottom. first, it should be noted that most patients with. Bell's palsy make a good recovery. It's just that it takes a few months. So milder cases may not need. bell's palsy is a condition where partial or total weakness or paralysis of the facial nerve occurs. Click here to learn about 13 natural treatments. Nancy openingstijden zieman addresses her facial paralysis.

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First, it should be noted that most patients with Bell's vetten palsy make a good recovery. It's just that it takes a few months. So milder cases may not need treatment. The only treatment found consistently to improve outcome ( face and there are several good randomized, prospective clinical trials to base this on! ) is steroids - especially if given early ( 48 hours) after symptom onset, and in patients 40 years of age. People have thrown other things at Bell's palsy - anti-viral agents, "ewim" Estern-Western integrative medicine acupuncture, psychological intervention, rehabilitation, even brain surgery - but they have yet to be shown to have any useful effect in large studies. And perhaps most important - in cases where the cornea is exposed, you have to make sure the eye is kept moist (especially at night)!

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I am now looking into surgery!, 02:43 pm # 8 Bellepal Newbie (female) join Date: Jan 2013 Posts: 2 Re: 4th time lucky. I've had it 3 times first when i was 11 on both sides then twice within a year! I've never experienced any pain with it though just the obvious lack of facial movement -_- could it be anything else?, 09:30 pm # 9 deblucas Newbie (female) join Date: Sep 2013 Posts: 1 Re: 4th time lucky. I have had it 3 times. Once 13 yrs ago, just the hanging muscles hurt. Then 2 yrs after that, caught it in time and face did not drop all the way. I can tell when brushing my teeth, when I spit it out, it went in a different direction, lets just say not normal. Then two yrs ago, i noticed my eyebrow was lower. So instead of going to emergency room because it was Sat, i waited and then Monday it dropped all the way.

Chicago's best neurologist, confirmed it every time. Are you also prone to cold sores? Did you have the chicken pox? I'm wondering if you, like myself, have the varicella-zoster virus that lies dormant. I find that gently massaging my face with supreme the bell's helped with the droopy side effects with help from a good physical therapist. The following user gives a hug of support to MrsBell: lgoroza, 07:32 am # 6 abhishek7 Newbie (male) join Date: Mar 2012 Location: Indore,.

P, india posts: 1 Re: 4th time lucky. Dear, i also have 4th times. i think its our bad luck, 06:21 pm # 7 robnchest Newbie (male) join Date: Aug 2012 Location: Rendan, texas, usa posts: 1 Re: 4th time lucky. Yes, i have had it more than 10 times and have it again now. I have had several test, but they point to nothing other than Bells Palsy.

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And so far it has not. I also have a friend that got it and his never went completely away. I hope you can get all this figured out and get back to normal. I am sending you good luck! ), 09:08 am # 4 kdel Senior Veteran (female) join Date: Jan 2007 Location: upstate, ny posts: 729 Re: 4th time lucky. Have you been checked for Lyme disease?

Bell's palsy is one symptom as well as athritic pain. Just a thought., 04:13 pm # 5 MrsBell Newbie (female) join Date: may 2011 Location: us posts: 1 Re: 4th time lucky. I've had Bell's Palsy thrice now. They've tested me for ms and various other diseases. Nothing came out positive. I've been lucky enough to have it in rapid succession all within 13 months and on both sides. I am always ready for it to come back.

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The hole where the nerve comes triangles through from the skull is a perfect fit for the is means if the nerve gets inflammed it enlarges and gets squeezed and stops the conduction and your face could droop. My worry would be that you could have an episode that would permanently damage the nerve. Ask your doc what immediate steps you can take to stop the inflammation if this condition comes upon you agin. James., 08:50 am # 3, nicole26, newbie (female) join Date: Mar 2011 make Location: Lexington, Tn, usa posts: 5 Re: 4th time lucky. I am sorry for all your "luck" you have been having. I had bells palsy when I was about. It lasted a couple months and passed. I still have a slight droop in the eye of the side that was affected. But the doctors told us there was a very slim chance of this reoccurring.

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Or anything at all?, 12:24 pm # 2 james079, senior Veteran (male join Date: Mar 2011, location:. Posts: 719, re: 4th time lucky. quot;: Originally posted by devi01, okay, i need some opinions. Or anything at all? I have known people who had a bell's Palsy once but never 4 episodes. Perhaps you hold a record! Hla b27 is an antigen and tends to show up with people with inflammatory disease. It may also show you have inflammation somewhere and with Bells Palsy in the facial nerve.


Anyhow, we found it strange that I got this for the 4th time. After millions of tests, it turns out that hla b27 is some sort of a cause of this? I understand what the doctor meant, but I'm not a doctor, i can't find a way to explain it to other people now. And might i add, that now after being stuck with this for 2 weeks about already, all the pain I had in the beginning is coming back. What works for the pain? I just want aziatische to know what other people think. I'm also diagnosed with arthritis, and we always thought hla b27 is some sort of an arthritis? Anyone else know of someone who's had it more times than is usual?

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10:36 am # 1 devi01, newbie (female join Date: Mar 2011, location: Pretoria, gauteng, south Africa. Posts: 1 4th time lucky. Okay, i need some opinions. But here's the story first; I'm a 19 year old female. And I have bell's Palsy now for the 4th time. I had it when I was 7, 9 and 12 before this time. I know for a fact it's Bell's, because first of all, i can see it and the doctor confirmed it (who's the best on the subject around where i'm from). So i went for tests this week, and as it turns out, a person gets Bell's Palsy if you're really unlucky, balance twice, even if you're very, very unlucky, so i'm lucky with being unlucky?

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