What I didnt realize was that. I was developing neurological problems that were gradually interfering with my life. Things like ear ringing (tinnitus forgetfulness, confusion and lack of drive. I thought I was treating my body right. I took supplements, ate what I thought were well-rounded meals and exercised. Yet these symptoms kept getting worse.

lyme kat on my body. The aches, the pains and the fatigue were getting worse over the years. I figured I was just getting older.

For you who are unfamiliar with Lyme disease, here is a quick rundown of what it is, and how it affects the body: Back in 1977, the people of Lyme, connecticut discovered a correlation between a deer tick bite and a life-disrupting illness. These ticks have the potential to food administer an infectious bacteria called. Borrelia burgdorferi is a spirochete that has the ability to proliferate in all areas of the human body. It has the ability to suppress and hide from your natural immune system, and to transform itself into a protected dormant state when under attack by antibiotics. Originally, the general symptoms consisted of a big, round red bullseye-shaped rash, followed by flu-like symptoms like fever, headache and stiff joints. The typical prescription for Lyme is 30 days of antibiotics and the expectation that the illness would just go away, and you could just go back out into the world and enjoy your life. However, many people are not healed after a mere 30 days, especially if the disease is not caught right away. My story turned out to be far more complicated, as this bacterial infection went untreated for many years, and became a chronic disease. How it Started, in 1989, while living in Connecticut, i remember getting a bug bite. I did not notice a tick embedded in my skin, so i dismissed the rash as a simple spider bite that I had picked up while raking leaves. It was fall, so the symptoms that followed seemed like just a seasonal flu.

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My name is James and Im here to share a gerson Therapy story concerning my recovery from Lyme disease. A couple years ago i would not have had the strength or desire to stand up to tell my story. But now that Im well on my way to a gerson recovery, its important for me to pay it forward and make a difference in someone elses quality of life. Im simply a local volunteer with laser nothing to gain from sharing my story but perhaps some good karma. I want to help educate others who do not have cancer but would benefit from the gerson Therapy. The gerson Therapy is perhaps best known as a cancer treatment, but can also help people like me, who suffer from chronic, non-malignant diseases. What is Lyme disease?

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Wij zijn op jaarlijks verlof van vrijdag. Voor spoedgevallen hoort u het nummer van de wachtdienst op ons antwoordapparaat. Katten leven al meer dan.000 jaar in de nabijheid van de mens. De oude Egyptenaren waren de eerste mensen die de kat hebben gedomesticeerd. Ook de hond kan besmet worden zuurstoftherapie met de ziekte van. De gevoeligheid voor infectie is bij de hond echter een stuk lager dan bij de mens. Lyme is daarom bij de hond vrij zeldzaam in Europa. Un correspondant m a questionné au sujet au sujet de la pub du n 166 d Alternative santé pour un produit soit disant chinois vendu par Botavie.

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