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The design is refined, black and sober, yet pretty modern. The dimensions are 18 x 20 x 16 inches for 21 pounds. There are handles on the side for a better and easier transportability. On the front of the bottom there are two non-skid floor protectors for a maximum stability. This calf massager does not have a braket that you can pull to adjust the desired angle, however, the front is slightly lifted to benefit from an ergonomic that matches perfectly the bodys one. The patented figure eight technology, like stated for the previous Human touch calf massager, tries to imitate at best a human-made massage and the fact that it provides a massage through a circulatory movement, rather than pressure, helps to improve the blood circulation. The flow is gentle, yet present and it, for sure, relieves any soreness or tension you have in your calves and ankle area. The massage on the bottom of the feet is back up by stimulating under-foot rollers that provide a very energetic massage to the sole and heels area. This feet, ankle and calf massager has a display where you can choose between three wellness programs : relieve, renew and soothe (respectively shown as P1, P2 and Run).

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This legs, foot, ankle and calf massager is one of the the most complete devices that they have developed and put on the market. It has specifically designed massaged pads that will recreate the sensation of wavy nice massage on your feet, calves and ankles, which is really enjoyable as most of the calf massager units do not particularly aim to ankle, but as it is the point. On top of that, you will be able to have a vibration option well, which is quite different from the deep kneading: if the kneading option is more relaxing; the vibration one will make you feel invigorated and will refill you with energy. According to how you feel, you might need and want stevige different levels of intensity in your massage: for that, you can choose between three different settings for either vibration and massage. If you feel like combining both, its an option and you can use it in a mix and match combo.

The device itself comes in light silver and black, it measures.5 x 17 x 16 inches and weighs 30 pounds. It can seem a bit heavy and difficult to carry around but you have two handles on the side to lift it easily. The adjustable bracket on the bottom of the leg, foot and ankle massager will enable you to achieve the perfect angle and inclination for your relaxation session. The deep tissues in your calves and feet will thank you for that. vibration and kneading, ankle massaging, customisable settings, no heat. Reflex-2 foot and Calf Massager with Patented Figure-8 CirQlation Paddle technology by human touch. Here is again a great piece of technology by human touch: this foot and calf massager will delight your feet.

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Pro foot, calf and Thigh Massager by TheraSqueeze. This super machine and calf massager is really a swiss knife,. It will massage your feet, calves and thighs. Thats quite a promise. We have to admit that the generous leather like frame looks really luxurious, just like its imposing stature. The whole calf massager is really stylish and comes in really neutral and smooth colours.

It is about 48 pounds and measures 23l.6w.3h, so you better plan room to store it and potentially a regular place where to leave it if you have problem carrying around heavy devices or suffer from back pain. The massage experience itself is fantastic: the ergonomy of this feet, thighs and calf massager is made so as you can be relaxing in your chair or sofa and enjoy a delightful massage on your whole lower limbs. We like the fact that the control panel is easy to use, clear and the set of functionalities extensive: you have (obviously) the power on/off button and then the two buttons activating the two different parts of the device -feet/calves and thighs-, then youll find. Auto, vibration and heat alongside to an intensity controlling button with three different levels. When you apply a different function and intensity to a specific area you will be able to control at best the effect that you wish to have and so you will really feel a custom-made massage: the deep kneading shiatsu massage, dynamic squeezing, vibration and. Thighs, foot and calf massager, different level of intensity, different and various settings. Heat, heavy and spacious, you cant remove the thighs massaging piece. Leg, foot, calf, and Ankle massager (Squeeze and Vibration) by ucomfy. Ucomfy is a pretty widespread and well-known brand of massaging and wellness devices.

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Human touch also developed the cirQulation technology that uses special mechanics through its robotic actuators in order to recreate as closely as possible the human touch, for a massage that wont seem any different from the one of your therapist. The ergonomy is quite nice and youll be able to fit feet up to mens size 14 and also, for more flexibility and adaptability, there is a tilt that you can pull to achieve a perfect angle and alignment. This calf massager has moderate intensity and focuses more on the gesture rather than the pressure, which is indeed enjoyable. There are four functions available on the control panel : shiatsu 1, shiatsu 2 (that are two versions of shiatsu massages) and then relax and refresh. On the bottom (foot area) you will find reflexology massage rollers to perform a firmer massage on the soles and heels. cirQlation technology to imitate human massage. Figure eight technology to embrace the calf 4 programs, no heat, laser you can not separate the calf from the feet massage.

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foot and calf massager, heat function, zippable fabric for better hygiene. Shiatsu massage, not suitable for larger calves. Reflex-4 foot and Calf Shiatsu massager with Patented Figure-8 Technology by human touch. This calf massager has a sharp look and its quite neutral with silver grey colour on the outside and a dark brown/black inside: simple and efficient. The dimensions are 19 L x 18 W x 18 h, it weighs about 27 pounds and has two hands placed on the side for an easier mobility. The inner fabric can be removed to be washed and can easily put back again gelaat to preserve the hygiene. This device is very powerful for foot and calf massages thanks to its unique specificity: the patented figure eight technology. It is quite different from the other products of the market as it does not simply compress your feet and calves, this patented technology really embraces the massaged area through circulatory movements creating an eight shape. The sensation is similar to a wave-like motion.

Its a pretty big device (roughly 20*18*16) and weighs about 27 pounds. The inner fabric can be removed thanks to the zips and can be washed so that you can keep your calf massager clean and in a good state all the time. As for the functionalities, you will find four buttons on the top at centre of this calf massager, between the two legs insertions. The first will be to turn on and off the power, the second button foot will activate the foot massaging part of this device and the rubbing will be performed only on the foot area; you will be able to choose between three levels. The foot and calf kneading will help you relax and ease the pain and stress that has been put on the feet and legs in general. This foot and calf massager has been conceived based on the shiatsu massage therapy and is configured to aim at specific pressure points. The only negative point here is that it might not be suitable for people hyperbare with very large calves as it can be too tight, hence uncomfortable.

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Table of Contents, the benefits of massage therapy are countless: reducing stress levels, improve sleep and overall mental health, relieve muscle tension and localised pain, lower blood pressure and many more. Massages can be performed in different areas of the body and most likely, each of them will bring you a specific benefit as, as per the reflexology chart, different pressure points are linked to a particular internal function or organ. One of the best area to focus on is the feet as they are a gathering spot for a lot of crucial functions and a massage there can deliver one of the best massage experience you could get. By extension, calves massage is the natural outreach of a foot massage and it just feels as good. Sometimes calves/legs massages are forgotten to the detriment of feet/back/neck/shoulder massages, much more popular. Calves/thighs massages are more seen as completely dedicated to sport therapy and for professional athletes, however, getting a calves massage can totally help you getting more relaxed and relieve the stress accumulated on the legs area. Not all of us weleda have the time or can afford to visit a massage therapist or a kinesitherapist often, so we can rely on some very nice calf massager that we do this duty and allow us to enjoy the benefits of a calf massager. Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration heating foot and Calf Massager Personal health Studio leg beautician by HmRelax. This foot and calf massager will satisfy a lot of us through its variety of choice in terms of functionalities but first, we can have a look at the appearance : it comes in an elegant burgundy and black and it has modern looks (it.

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