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facelift operation

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The jowl is actually the sagging front end of the muscle. In the neck, the platysma descends with aging, sometimes causing the bands that appear in the front of the neck. The properly executed facelift procedure should elevate the midface, or cheek, to its natural position. This cheek elevation will restore the fullness to the area between the cheek and the lower eyelid. I believe that this is an area that certain types of facelifts fail to correct. It is also an area that, if corrected, can restore the youthful look to a face (Figure 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5, 6). The facelift should reposition the platysma muscle back to its original position, in order to correct the jowls. In addition, fat transfer is often used help shape the cheek to more youthful appearance. The second visible change is deflation.

facelift operation

Radial expansion is the loosening of the facial tissue. As the face goji ages, the layers of the face (skin, fat, and muscle) separate and loosen. A properly planned and executed facelift should address these in order to fully rejuvenate the face and neck. As a consequence of the aging process, the facial skin and underlying tissues descend. This can be first seen in the midface, where the malar fat pad (cheek) begins to descend.

This descent of the cheek fat has two effects. In the area between the lower eyelid and cheek, hollowness forms as the cheek fat descends. The other effect is the creation of the nasolabial fold. As the lower face ages, the jowls begin to appear as the facial tissues begin to descend forward and downward. The platysma muscle originates in the lower face and runs down the entire neck. This muscle descends in both the face and neck as we age. In the lower face, its descent creates the jowl.

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Bustillo almost always performs a platsymaplasty as part of his facelift procedure. This portion of the surgery tightens the neck muscles and is essential to a well-defined waar neck. When do i need a facelift? There are three visible transformations that the aging face goes through as a result of the aging process. These are facial descent, deflation, and radial expansion. Descent refers to the inferior displacement of the facial soft tissues. Deflation refers to the loss of facial fat.

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After this is done, the excess skin is then removed. Bustillo often combines the facelift operation with additional procedures if needed. For example, because the face looses volume with time, a fat transfer procedure is often performed at the same time. Patients that may need to have their eyelids rejuvenated can also have a blepharoplasty, or huis eyelid lift done at the same time. Are all Facelifts the same? Bustillo customizes the facelift surgery for each individual. His signature deep plane facelift lifts the cheek fat back to its natural position and redistributes the excess skin. Because the lift works on the deeper muscle layer, patients never look pulled or stretched. Fat is often used to help replace the facial volume that the patients often lose with age.

Andres Bustillo teaches students, residents, and other physicians the art and craft of facial rejuvenation surgery. He has been invited to south America, asia, and the caribbean where he has taught other plastic surgeons his facelift techniques. The roth following information was written. Bustillo to educate and inform the public about his facelift procedure. What is a facelift? A facelift is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the signs of facial aging. The areas addressed with a facelift are the neck, jowls, and the cheeks. The facelift tightens the underlying muscle layer.

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Andres Bustillo koreaanse has been in practice in his. Miami office for more than ten years during, which time he has developed an exclusive boutique practice focused exclusively on facial plastic surgery. He is one of the select facial plastic surgeons that has dual board certification. Because he is a facial specialist, he does not perform any breast or body surgery. He devotes 50 of his practice to facial rejuvenation surgery. Bustillo is one of a select few surgeons who performs the deep plane facelift. He has written and published several chapters on facelift and necklift surgery. Facelift Before and After Photos, click here to view more before and after facelift patient photos.

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