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beauty angel test

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Still, despite the opinions of the former two, she did have an audience cheering for her before her match. Nearly all the female characters in the panty fighter series, queen's Blade, are scantily clad fighters and provide loads of fanservice. Some of them just happen to be muscular as well. Cattleya's appearance can be described as matronly but strong. When she's not fighting she could be mistaken as slightly chubby due to her ginormous breasts and having a bit of a belly. In combat, however, her muscles tense and you can see that she actually has extremely muscular arms, back, and bulky thighs. Her outfits is an extremely revealing apron-like dress with no underwear. Risty is lean and muscular and her outfit is a thong and a top that shows off most of her torso.

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Houmei from aiki is built like a bodybuilder and where's a very revealing dress which as high side-slits on both sides, a cleavage window and opening on the makeup back. Akemi kageyasu shows also a very toned build and her clothing reveals her well defined abs. Revy from Black lagoon has a very toned body with muscular legs, Eda has a similar build. Dragon Ball Super : Kale, the Universe 6 counterpart of another "legendary" saiyan, is able to transform into a muscular and taller "Super saiyan Berserk " form. She clarins retains the " dark-skinned beauty " description from her Shonen Jump press release description, in addition to her usual midriff exposing her new form's defined abs. Her controlled and mastered forms follow the same trend.

Coincidentally, kefla, a saiyan potara fusion, adopts a similarly toned olympian physique and tanner skin once she accesses her Super saiyan form. It helps that fusion not only takes physical features from caulifla, but also kale. Reiko ando from Outlaw Star has the musculature you'd expect from a woman who's won the title of the "Strongest Woman in the Universe" four times in a row. She was aiming for the fifth time which would allow her to marry Fred luo, who's secretly trying to stop her from winning ( she doesn't realize he's not interested in women ). The main character, gene, thinks she has a beautiful and feminine face but is a bit freaked out by how muscular she.

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Some of these characters also double as Statuesque stunners. Often times giant women will be this type of beauty, especially if they are from a tribe of giants. When the female in question worries about the slippery slope between this trope and Brawn Hilda, it usually results in Muscle Angst. For its Distaff counterpart, see hunk. Open/close all folders Anime and Manga The legend of Mother Sarah features one of the earliest representations of this trope in Japanese media, featuring a tall, athletic and imposing woman as the main character. Despite her unusual build and seldom displaying her body, many of the men she comes across in the series ogle her (like her co-prisoners in the work camps) or openly state afvallen that they find her very attractive. Gx, a literal Amazon. She is truly gigantic, towering over nearly every character in the show both in height and muscularity circle (her biceps are almost as big as her head). She completely blows Misawa's mind and he becomes hopelessly smitten with her (even staying with her in her home dimension later ).

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Sometimes starts out. Super-Strong Child, and usually (if not almost always). They always have large breasts, strong toned muscles, toned midriffs, sculpted abs, toned broad shoulders, and strong well-developed legs. Her smaller (and equally dangerous) sister or cousin is the cute Bruiser. Given that these girls are often tall to further enhance their presentation of strength, romances verkleinen with them are likely to result in Tiny guy, huge girl and Masculine girl, feminine boy. Compare Amazon Chaser where a character finds a woman attractive because of her fighting skills. If he's attracted to her muscles, she's an Amazonian beauty. Of course, both tropes can be in play at the same time if he's attracted to both. Contrast Brawn Hilda and Big beautiful Woman.

Is her muscle the integral and dominant physical trait of her bare skin due to large mass or definition? (Is most of the skin sculpted or bulky instead of smooth? Fairchild at right is an excellent example of both "sculpted" skin and muscle mass.) Of course, this can. Depending on the Artist. Finally, is she accompanied by vette tropes which emphasize. Fanservice, beauty, and/or, attractiveness? Note Examples: Stripperific, male gaze, she Cleans Up Nicely, beautiful All Along, amazon Chaser, power Is Sexy, etc. If the answer to all four above is "yes the character qualifies for this trope. This character can take her muscularity.

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"She's a brick house! She's mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out. She's a brick house! The lady's stacked and that's a fact, ain't holding nothing back." —, the commodores, "Brick house the Amazonian beauty is styler what happens when. Often times, such as in fighting video games like. Street Fighter, a lot of beautiful women are jacked but no one comments on it, since to the characters it is the norm for them to see characters like that, despite the fact that they are still. Ms Fanservices who go above and beyond the call of duty in some cases. A quick litmus test for this trope is: Is the female character in question muscular? Is her muscularity emphasized (pointed out in-universe or by flexing or is she noticeably large?

Beauty angel test
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